Welcome to Giraffe African Art Africain!
Here you will find the results of over 30 years
experience collecting and marketing fine African art.

We travel to the continent regularly to visit artists and artisans. We carefully select and purchase only the best items. Giraffe uses best practices in all its dealings with local suppliers.

We have an eclectic selection of: original hand carved masks, ebony wood, basketry, textiles, musical instruments, personal adornment, Zimbabwe stone, cookware, commodities and more!

Enjoy your visit to Giraffe African Art Africain. Have a look at our selection of original and hand crafted works of African Art.

Giraffe is located in Ottawa and in Montreal

About us

Montrťal telephone : 514-499-8436 Ottawa telephone : 613-562-0284 Email: giraffe@giraffe.ca